Blogs, Projects, & Photo Collections

Some Time Gallery -- a special exhibition space at Studio House for sculpture, installation, and print.
Studio-House -- renovation project turning a foreclosed house into a studio

Postcard Connections -- postcard exchange between Cleveland, OH & Homer, AK

Making Money the Harder Way -- a collaborative performance by Elizabeth Emery & Corrie Slawson

the nurse and the police officer -- interview & installation project at Spaces Gallery

speakers -- a collaborative audio project by Elizabeth Emery & Dallas Kavanagh

Michelle Illuminato’s Lost & Found Factory -- stunning community project about memory & labor

daily skies -- daily photographs of the sky around me

water-closets -- record of travels and common events


von Schneider, Dott, Three Artists Explore the Concept of Surface, and What Lies Beneath, at Zygote Press, Scene, February 2019

Hudak, Brittany Makers: Elizabeth Emery, CAN Journal, May 2018

Chance Pairings of Paintings, Sculptures Prompts Artists to Plan Joins Shows, The Columbus Dispatch, September 9, 2018

MOCA cleveland everything all at once 2013.pdf


Old Washington, KY Artist Residency

Bunnell Street Arts Center Artist Residency


Dave Bown Projects

Rasmuson Foundation

Jentel Artist Residency Program

New York Foundation for the Arts

The Sculpture Center

SPACES Gallery
Vermont Studio Center